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01 March 2011 @ 11:00 am
Counter Crisis Master List  
How many times does it take to do things right?

That is what we're attempting to find out. In the classic re-telling via time-travel, we are taking Cloud back and giving him a chance to make things right. With new allies as well as our old favorites, this is a tale of redemption, growth, and survival. Along with romance, humor, and life, of course. Let us take you the full gambit of this emotional roller coaster, as our heroes fulfill their most important mission...

Operation: Save the World, Get the Happy Ending


Final Fantasy VII - Counter Crisis

Disc One:
Chapter 01 - Crisis of Circumstance
Chapter 02 - Crisis of Confusion
Chapter 03 - Crisis of Confession
Chapter 04 - Crisis of Chocobos
Chapter 05 - Crisis of Churches
Chapter 06 - Crisis of Commerce
Chapter 07 - Crisis of Carousing
Chapter 08 - Crisis of Celebration
Chapter 09 - Crisis of Condor
Chapter 10 - Crisis of Composure
Chapter 11 - Crisis of Countermeasures
Chapter 12 - Crisis of Coordination
Chapter 13 - Crisis of Comburent

Side Quests:
Bringing Home Baby - Chapter 6 side
Texts from Last Night - Chapter 11 side